Dried Wedding Arbour Installations

The wedding Arbour that keeps on giving

It’s no secret that the trend for this wedding season is dried palms, dried ferns and dried blooms in all those glorious earthy tones. You may have noticed that here at Beneath the Blooms we are all over this latest craze and have constructed some beauties over the past few months!

One in particular that we’ve showcased recently is from a beautiful Big Springs wedding we had the pleasure of styling for Suze and Dean. This two piece arbour installation was constructed on site and complimented the natural surroundings of where the ceremony took place. Attached to a sturdy backing board, this installation was easily transported from the site of the ceremony to the reception and later hung in the family home for the newlyweds to enjoy forever!

If you love dried flowers and everlasting memories then one of our customised arbour installations is the perfect thing for you. Contact us now and lets start designing!